Commissioning and qualification of cryogenic equipment

Cryogenic storage equipment and ultra-low-temperature freezers need to run without a hitch. Whether you’ve just purchased new equipment, moved, or need an equipment audit, we ensure that your operations run safely.

CryoSolutions AG
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CryoSolutions can commission your equipment on your behalf

Do you value equipment that runs smoothly, is properly set up and has the longest-possible service life? We can do these tasks for you. We see to it that your equipment is properly installed and set to its ideal operating parameters, thus eliminating malfunctions and unnecessary costs, and guaranteeing that it is up and running at all times. By training your staff on the equipment after it has been commissioned, we ensure that the operation of your systems is in the very best hands, thus safeguarding their longest-possible service life.

Comprehensive qualification

In order to correctly document the successful commissioning of your equipment, e.g. on the basis of GMP guidelines, we also offer qualifications for our devices (IQ, OQ, PQ). These can be carried out exactly according to the manufacturer's protocol or tailored to your needs.