Cryogenic freezers for laboratory use

CryoSolutions supplies you with the most innovative and most reliable cryogenic and ultra-low-temperature freezers from leading manufacturers such as Stirling Ultracold or CBS. As a full-service provider, we also supply work safety products, laboratory equipment and storage systems for use in cryotechnology or controlled freezing and thawing, and for transporting medical or biological samples and materials.

We offer you much more than storage options for medical and biological samples and materials. CryoSolutions also supplies transport containers such as the classic liquid nitrogen dewar or innovative portable ultracold freezers with Stirling engine technology that achieves temperatures ranging from -20°C to - 86°C. These transportable freezers can produce their refrigerating capacity either through a 12-volt vehicle connector or for as long as the power supply is working.

Aside from storage and transport freezers and containers, we also supply controlled freezing and thawing products for vials and blood bags. These enhance the quality and reproducibility of your precious samples and materials.