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CryoSolutions is your expert partner for temporarily storing and transporting medical and biochemical samples and materials, and for their long-term storage.

CryoSolutions AG
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Reap the benefits of experience, bespoke solutions and a very deep commitment to quality

CryoSolutions AG was founded in the summer of 2020 and evolved from the Labtec Services AG company. Our customers benefit from the seamless continuation of our business activities built on an internal succession plan. This ensures that the technical expertise and in-depth experience remains within the company and that CryoSolutions has been able to launch as a start-up with a full backpack.

Reliability and a commitment to delivering quality were the foundation on which the success of the original Labtec Services division was established. Aside from incorporating their expertise and experience into CryoSolutions AG, these basic principles for success are also being adopted. After all, the safe operation of your cryogenic freezers is our uppermost priority.

Tobias Küttel, owner and CEO of CryoSolutions AG
Tobias Küttel, owner and CEO of CryoSolutions AG and former Cryotechnology and Biomedical Business Unit Manager at Labtec Services AG.

Our range of services is all-encompassing.

We will be happy to advise you on product selection, backup concepts and how to achieve the best energy and liquid nitrogen consumption savings. Our service options also include getting your equipment up and running directly on site and training users in how to operate it.

After the commissioning is completed, our preventive maintenance and an expert troubleshooting service ensure that the selected products enjoy a long useful life.