Cryogenic laboratory equipment – storage at ultra-low temperatures

Deep freeze technology at its best! CryoSolutions AG is your full-range supplier when it comes to temporary storage, transport and the long-term storage of medical and biochemical samples and materials. Our name is synonymous with personalized advice and safety, founded on reliable service.

Ultra-low-temperature freezers and cryogenic storage freezers to satisfy the highest safety requirements

Cryogenic systems and freezers for ultracold storage are used in a wide variety of industries and areas: from basic research to industrial applications and hospital laboratories.

Whether you deal with human sperm, egg cells, embryos, bone marrow stem cells, backup samples, GMOs or pharmaceuticals, the ability to cool without interruption is the most essential requirement, both when storing and transporting the material. The tiniest fluctuation outside the maximum temperature range, even if just for an instant, can destroy the material. That’s why CryoSolutions places its absolute priority on safety, service and customer focus. As a business partner for leading manufacturers, we always offer the very latest cryotechnology available on the market. Reap the benefits of personalized advice based on our long-standing experience and outstanding services – before, during and also after purchasing your new infrastructure. CryoSolutions supplies the highest-quality, most reliable products around.

Custom equipment for hospital and research institute laboratories as well as the pharmaceutical industry

Every laboratory has its own specific requirements and workflows, whether in a hospital or sector of industry, a biobank, or for storing individual samples and materials. The customized solutions provided by CryoSolutions, the Swiss specialists in ultra-low-temperature storage and transport, are tailored to your specific needs and ensure your workflows run perfectly.