Cryotechnology specialists

As a business partner for leading manufacturers, we offer the very latest technology available on the market.

  • BioLife Solutions

    BioLife Solutions

    BioLife Solutions is the leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of proprietary clinical freezing media for cells and tissues, based in the USA. The product range also includes ThawStar thawing systems, Custom BioGenic Systems cryostorage devices and Stirling Ultracold ultra-low temperature freezers.

    CryoSolutions AG is the official representative of BioLife Solutions in Switzerland.
  • Custom BioGenic Systems

    Custom BioGenic Systems

    Custom BioGenic Systems (CBS) was founded in 1987 and specializes in cryogenic storage equipment and accessories made in the USA. Their cryogenic storage equipment, above all their patented isothermal dry storage system, have been very well received on the Swiss market since 2003.

    CryoSolutions AG is the official CBS representative in Switzerland.
  • Global Cooling / Stirling Ultracold

    Global Cooling / Stirling Ultracold

    Founded in 1995, Global Cooling, Inc. manufactures and sells Stirling Ultracold freezers in the USA, a new generation of environmentally friendly ultra-low storage solutions which operate at between -20° C and -86°C. These freezers do not use compressor-based or cascade refrigeration systems; they use patented free-piston Stirling engine technology that was originally developed for energy, aerospace and industrial applications before its successful commercial application in ultra-low-temperature cooling systems.

    CryoSolutions AG is the official Stirling Ultracold representative in Switzerland.
  • KW Apparecchi Scientifici

    KW Apparecchi Scientifici

    KW Apparecchi Scientifici is one of the most dynamic and innovative companies in the development and production of temperature controlled equipment down to -90°C. Based in Italy, the company has over 70 years of experience and exports its equipment to over 80 countries worldwide.

    CryoSolutions AG is the official KW Apparecchi Scientifici representative in Switzerland.
  • Westfalen Gas Schweiz GmbH

    Westfalen Gas Schweiz GmbH

    The Westfalen Group produces and sells some 300 gases and standardized gas mixtures for virtually every application found in trade and industry, food production, laboratories, pharmaceutics and medicine. These include, in particular, the atmospheric gases nitrogen, oxygen and argon.

    Moreover, Westfalen Gas Schweiz GmbH offers planning services for your cryogenic, vacuum-insulated piping systems and installs them in-situ. In conjunction with the liquid nitrogen delivery service and supply containers provided by Auguste Cryogenics, the company is an essential partner for the supply of items involving cryogenic equipment.
  • KKG AG

    KKG AG – Kälte für Klima und Gewerbe AG

    For over 30 years, the family-owned company has been flexibly and accurately realising any project in the field of professional refrigeration technology and offers the associated, reliable long-term service. KKG covers a wide range of services, from the initial consultation and planning to the installation and commissioning of refrigeration and air-conditioning systems, refrigerators and freezers as well as ultra-low temperature freezers and cryogenic equipment down to -150 °C.

    KKG AG has been a business partner of CryoSolutions AG since the company was founded.
  • Sysmex Suisse AG

    Sysmex Suisse AG

    When it comes to diagnostics and analytics in haematology, point of care, pathology and life science, Sysmex is the trusted brand. Since 1966, the company has established a market-leading position in human in vitro diagnostics, especially in the field of haematology and urinalysis, with high-quality analysis systems, reagents, software, a comprehensive service organisation and targeted training programmes.

    Sysmex Suisse AG has been a trading partner of CryoSolutions AG since the company was founded.
  • Patient Lifting Solutions

    Patient Lifting Solutions

    Patient Lifting Solutions (PLS) develops and manufactures ceiling hoist solutions for hospitals, nursing homes and the domestic environment. To cater to cryogenic storage, PLS has developed the Cryo-Lift, which meets the requirements of easy, fast and safe cryogenic storage.