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Terms of Use

Content and intellectual property

The content published on the CryoSolutions AG website (including all images, texts, data, graphics, logos, videos, audio recordings and maps) is subject to the copyright law of Switzerland. Any duplication, editing, translation or saving of the content on databases or other electronic media and systems or the reproduction of content – such as this text – shall require the written consent of CryoSolutions AG, or the author of the content in the event that CryoSolutions AG does not hold the copyright to such works. The content may be quoted without our consent provided that the source is cited. The rights, titles and claims to all content found on this website shall remain with CryoSolutions AG or the corresponding rights holder. Any linking of this CryoSolutions AG website shall only be permissible with the company's written consent. Website content may be copied or downloaded for private use without consent.

CryoSolutions AG makes no warranties as to the accuracy, completeness or currentness of the content. Any reliance on the information published on this website is at the user's own risk. This warranty shall not apply in the event of any liability on the part of CryoSolutions AG resulting from its gross negligence or culpable actions pursuant to OR Art. 100.

The content of this CryoSolutions AG website has been carefully chosen and is kept up to date. The information on this website is offered by CryoSolutions AG as a courtesy to those viewing it and is not to be considered as a service. For this reason, CryoSolutions AG makes no warranties as to the accuracy, completeness or currentness of the content. No liability claims shall be accepted against CryoSolutions AG due to any material or immaterial damage resulting from the use or non-use of the published information, from the misuse of the link, or from technical malfunctions. All offers are made without obligation. CryoSolutions AG expressly reserves the right to amend or delete certain pages or the entire range of offerings without specific notice or to temporarily or permanently suspend the website's publication. This is not a definitive declaration. The General Terms and Conditions, Terms of Participation, or similar terms and conditions, shall govern specific matters where necessary.

Privacy Notice
This privacy notice explains how CryoSolutions AG collects, processes and saves your personal data when you use the website and also what your rights are to such data. Should you use personal data belonging to third parties (friends, family members, etc.), you must first seek that person's permission.

What data are collected?
Personal data are primarily collected in connection with business relations, along with data resulting from the use of this website. Depending on which website offerings you use, the following data may also be collected: contact details (e.g. name, email address, phone number), usage data (e.g. web pages visited, interest in content, access times), metadata and traffic data (e.g. devices used, IP addresses, browser type). These data are collected to respond to inquiries, to optimize the user's experience and for analysis and marketing purposes.

How are data collected?
: The third-party hosting services that we use serve to provide services such as infrastructure and platform services, computing capacity, storage space and database services, security services and technical/maintenance services which we use in order to operate this website. When using our website offerings, certain data, e.g. device information, IP addresses, browser type and access times, may be transmitted by your computer automatically and saved on servers.

Cookies: We use cookies or comparable technologies. Cookies are small files stored on the user's computer. Various types of information may be stored within the cookies. A cookie primarily serves to store user information (e.g. the device on which the cookie is stored) while or after visiting a website offering.

Analytics tools: To enhance the user's experience when visiting our website, we use web analytics tools. In our case, we employ Google Analytics, a service provided by "Google Inc." You may prevent cookies being saved by changing your internet browser settings accordingly.

Retargeting: We use this technology to personalize our website offering. This technology allows us to serve users who have shown an interest in our website and the content offered there with relevant advertising. Advertising or banners are displayed using retargeting on the basis of cookie-based analysis of a user's previous behavior. To this end, we use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pixels.

Social plugins: On our website, we offer recommendation buttons for the following social networks: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger, services offered by "Facebook Inc.", YouTube, a service offered by "Google Inc.", Twitter, a service offered by "Twitter Inc.", LinkedIn, a service offered by "LinkedIn Inc.", and Xing, a service offered by "Xing SE". These enable you to recommend selected website content via the corresponding social network and to add it to your personal profile. If you use these buttons, the relevant information will be transmitted to the corresponding social network and saved there.

Facebook Connect: This website has a Facebook login. When you click on the "Connect to Facebook" button, your data will be directly imported from Facebook. Simultaneously, a data connection to Facebook by "Facebook Inc." will be established and the necessary data automatically imported from Facebook. Should you be logged in to Facebook at that time, data will be transferred automatically; otherwise, you will be asked to first log in to your account. By logging in, you are giving your consent to the designated input fields being automatically filled with the personal data that you have saved on Facebook. Facebook will only receive information on what IP address has been assigned to you and from which website you have initiated your contact to Facebook.

Newsletters: We will only send newsletters with advertising content with the recipient's consent. By subscribing to the newsletter, you agree that we may save and process your data and send you our latest offers from time to time. Should you no longer wish to receive our newsletter, you have the option of unsubscribing at any time. To send out our newsletters, we use Mailchimp, a service provided by "The Rocket Science Group".

When and how are your personal data saved and forwarded?
Your data are collected and processed in Switzerland, even if you reside in another country or use the services from another country. To enable you to access our website, some data are transmitted or exported to EU member states as well as the USA. Moreover, we incorporate third-party services (offered by Facebook Inc., Google Inc., Twitter Inc., LinkedIn Inc., Xing SE, The Rocket Science Group etc.) on our website in order to integrate their content and services, e.g. video clips or fonts. On request, we will provide you with information on these third-party providers through the contact person listed below.

Your rights and preferences
You may, at any time, request information concerning the personal data concerning you that we currently hold; that any data that may be incorrect be corrected; and that we stop collecting your personal data and/or that we erase such data in full. In particular, you may contact the “controller” (responsible party) to request: information concerning whether your personal data are being processed; information concerning the nature and scope of your personal data that we have saved; that incorrect or inaccurate personal data be corrected and incomplete personal data be made whole, to the extent that they can be collected; that your personal data be erased to the extent permissible by law; that any consent in respect of the data protection regulations be revoked; and that no processing of your personal data may occur.

Data protection officer
At CryoSolutions AG, the following person is responsible for all matters concerning data protection regulations and data privacy:

Tobias Küttel
Inhaber und Geschäftsführer
+41 79 618 79 79