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Controlled freezing with the CBS CRF2101

The Controlled Rate Freezer with 28 liter chamber volume allows biological samples to be frozen under controlled conditions using liquid nitrogen. Ideal for use with blood bags, vials and straws.

CryoSolutions CBS CRF2101

The six pre-set and freely definable freeze programs enable your user-defined profiles to be reproduced as often as desired and increase the viability of your valuable samples. Controlled rate freezing using liquid nitrogen is monitored by the supplied 2101 laptop controller. Ideal for use with blood bags, vials, canes and straws, a variety of holders and racks are available in conjunction with probes.

Product features of the CRF2101 controlled rate freezer:

  • 28 liter chamber volume
  • Temperature range from +50°C to -180°C
  • Freezing rates of 0.01° C to 99.9° C per minute
  • Laptop with Windows operating system
  • Unlimited program options / 6 pre-set programs
  • Program temperature hold of 1 second to 99 hours possible
  • Freeze run graphs
  • Results can be read and analyzed after the freeze run
  • Complies with 21 CFR Part 11 FDA requirements for recording electronic data

Brochure CBS Controlled Rate Freezer

The CBS Controlled Rate Freezer in operation